Cellphones Prohibited


handheld cellphones

Prohibited Usage

With the beginning of the 2018-19 school year beginning; I wanted to update you on a new law that went into effect this past July. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 55-8-207 now prohibits the use of a handheld cellphone while in a marked school zone while the indicators of such are flashing. This simply means you need to utilize some type of hands free device while being in the school zone while the lights are flashing. The ramifications of disobeying said law is a $50 fine and court costs. Of course, what I normally encounter when the police pull over citizens for a minor traffic offense is the police's authority to investigate for further criminal conduct generally increases.

Keeping School Zones Safe

If all you are ticketed for is the illegal use of a handheld cellphone while in the school zone, it will not go on your driving record as far as points are concerned; however, the court cost and fine are more of a hassle no one truly needs. Ultimately, the goal is to have us all be more careful within the school zones. Please exercise safety when you approach the school zones tomorrow and the rest of the school year. Safety actually begins with our individual decisions to behave in a safe manner and drive slow and attentive when the indicators are on. Please share this info and be careful. Good luck with new school year. 

Kyle Vaughan