Labor Day

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Honoring the Laborers 

Today is a day we celebrate the most important group of people in American history; the laborers.  The wonders of our country and the world are created by skilled men and women dedicated to excellence.  The tremendous military, who we honor and respect, are charged with the protection of the creations of skilled laborers.  Towering buildings, sweeping bridges, tiny microchips, and breakthroughs in communicative technologies are all results of laborers and their relentless pursuits of innovation. 

We have not always honored our laborers as we should and at times we’ve been on the wrong side of history in the way we’ve treated our workforce. We’ve had to pass sweeping legislation to protect the right of people to work regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, or religious preferences.  In fact, the eve of the death of Martin Luther King, King was speaking to a group of sanitation workers in Memphis about unfair labor practices when he gave his outstanding speech about the “Mountain Top”.  The struggle was and continues to be real. 

We still have room for improvement in the workplace. Women are still not paid equally in the workplace when performing the same task or placed in the same positions as a man. Waiters and waitresses in the service sectors are paid a minimum wage less than that of other workers because they make tips but are then made to share those tips and do other tasks such as cleaning restrooms, washing dishes and other tasks with attenuated proximity to service to their customers. Theater workers are not paid time and half for overtime and can be worked for very long hours in a day with little guidance on uninterrupted breaks. 

Building a Brighter Future

However, we have come a long ways and I’m proud to be in the labor force co-laboring with so many of my fellow countrymen and women to build brighter and better futures for the coming generations. So whether you tout a briefcase, a hard hat, a serving tray, or shovel; be proud of your contributions to a continued legacy of innovation and improvement. As you enjoy your day to rest and reflect; recharge so we can finish the 3rd Quarter strongly and enter the 4th Quarter with a bang. 

When you look at the big picture, our since of a magnificent history of greatness and achievement in America; know your labors are never in vain.  God bless all of you who labor and I salute each and everyone of you.

Kyle Vaughan