Client testimonials



"We will forever be thankful for you, your staff, and the countless hours you spent on our case because we know you truly believed in us and our case. We wish you the best always and we truly, truly appreciate and thank you . I would also like to mention that when we first started looking for an attorney Mr. Cook was referred to us by a judge in another jurisdiction, that speaks volumes."

"If you are reading this, chances are you're in the same boat I was in. You need legal assistance, and you want someone to sincerely help you win your case, without just taking your money and then seeing them once at trial. You want to know the person you hire is going to work hard to help you with your case as if it was their own. Well, your search is over! I did plenty of research before meeting with JR. I've met lawyers in the past for my initial divorce as well as to interview them to take on this case for me. None of them compare to JR. He is far and above the best lawyer you'll ever meet!"

"In trial, he was aggressive, thorough, and very knowledgeable. He had a clear plan, and looked very prepared for whatever my ex had to say. It was obvious he had prepared ahead of time. We were 100% successful in solidly proving our case. My custody arrangement was changed in my favor, and I couldn't be more thankful!"

"The safety of my child appeared to be the most important item on the agenda throughout the case. He remained very professional and tactful in the courtroom, never skipping a beat, and was always a step ahead of anyone else. Nothing came as a surprise. It appears that no one cares what is right or wrong any longer in a courtroom, but I will tell you his integrity is fully intact. If it can be won, he is the one to make it happen."

"I'm thankful for everything he did for my family, and if ever I need any assistance in the future, JR is the only lawyer I will ever hire."