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Client testimonials

Kyle Vaughan

 "I have known Kyle for many years and always thought of him as a great man. When I was falsely accused of child abuse due to a medical misdiagnosis, I consulted with Kyle. Kyle told me he would fight for me and he did. My charges were dismissed a few days before trial. I highly recommend Kyle if you are looking for a great Attorney."

"In a world of sharks, Kyle is honest. My daughter had made some very serious allegations against a family member and I knew after speaking with Kyle that he was absolutely the best choice. He spent an extended amount of time speaking with me about these allegations and I truly feel that if he did not fully believe in those allegations, he would not have accepted the case. The character that presented to me has made Kyle the only attorney I will ever use again. He will be very very honest with you about difficulties that could arise in your case and will not simply sell you to earn an additional retainer. I cannot say enough positive about Kyle and his representation."

"I have known Kyle for several years. When I was looking into retaining an attorney, there was no doubt who I would seek to help me. What he accomplished for my daughter was something I never truly thought was possible. If you want compassion, blunt truth, and someone you can fully place your faith and trust in, this is the place to go for all your legal needs."

"Mr. Vaughan has been my family's lawyer since he has open his practice. He is a honest and dependable man who has proven himself to be an honest and dependable lawyer. I would trust Kyle with any legal problems that arise. He has been more supportive and understanding in all legal issues I experienced. I have to say that Kyle practices what he preaches. 

When I was being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) Kyle was there. He returned my calls quickly and assured me that he would do everything he could to resolve the issues. During our meeting with FBI and TBI he was professional and articulate and helped to resolve things in our favor. I am beyond grateful and thankful for all his efforts. I was very impressed with his professionalism to say the least. Obviously I was considerably scared and worried, but working with Kyle gave me a sense of calm and hope that things would work themselves out. I trusted his judgement that I was innocent of all charges levied against me. 

I also have some serious issues waiting to be resolved with the State of Tennessee and he is working on that with the same sense of diligence and integrity as he did with the FBI and TBI. I would recommend him for any legal issues that someone may have. He's is the very BEST!!!!!"