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"We will forever be thankful for you, your staff, and the countless hours you spent on our case because we know you truly believed in us and our case. We wish you the best always and we truly, truly appreciate and thank you . I would also like to mention that when we first started looking for an attorney Mr. Cook was referred to us by a judge in another jurisdiction, that speaks volumes."



"I have known Kyle for many years and always thought of him as a great man. When I was falsely accused of child abuse due to a medical misdiagnosis, I consulted with Kyle. Kyle told me he would fight for me and he did. My charges were dismissed a few days before trial. I highly recommend Kyle if you are looking for a great Attorney."



"Mrs. Page went above and beyond to do what was best in our case. She was very knowledgeable and explained how things would work every step of the way. She is very personable and always working for her client. We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her and would certainly recommend Mrs. Page to anyone needing an attorney."

Kyle is the only attorney I will ever use. He will be very very honest with you about difficulties that could arise in your case and will not simply sell you to earn an additional retainer. I cannot say enough positive about Kyle and his representation.
— past client

"Mr. Vaughan has been my family's lawyer since he has open his practice. He is a honest and dependable man who has proven himself to be an honest and dependable lawyer. I would trust Kyle with any legal problems that arise. He has been more supportive and understanding in all legal issues I experienced. I have to say that Kyle practices what he preaches."

"Kara was my attorney in my custody case. Excellent communication. She truly cares about her clients. Kara had very little time to prepare for my case and still went above and beyond! She was very thorough in everything she did. I would highly recommend her and would definitely have her as my attorney again!"


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"In trial, he [Mr. Cook] was aggressive, thorough, and very knowledgeable. He had a clear plan, and looked very prepared for whatever my ex had to say. It was obvious he had prepared ahead of time. We were 100% successful in solidly proving our case. My custody arrangement was changed in my favor, and I couldn't be more thankful!"



I was facing 30 years...I  was found not guilty in the Sullivan County Criminal Court...Mr. Vaughan only had 3 1/2 months to prepare for trial and represented me to the fullest existent of his ability. Nothing I can say will adequately describe my faith, and trust in Kyle Vaughan and his Law Firm. Mr. Vaughan gave me my life back. I highly recommend the Vaughan firm to anyone in the tri cities area.

I’m thankful for everything he did for my family, and if ever I need any assistance in the future, JR is the only lawyer I will ever hire.
— past client

"Kara was my attorney during my divorce in 2012 and I couldn't have been more pleased with how diligent she was in getting such a difficult situation resolved. She stood up for me at a time when I felt I had no voice or control, and she was (and still is) a huge support system for me every step of the way. Since my divorce I have had various issues arise with the other parent regarding child support and our Parenting Plan and I didn't hesitate to contact Kara to help me again. She is always very responsive and knowledgeable on not only the law, but also on how to resolve a situation in the least stressful way possible. I truly believe she always has my best interest in mind and do not doubt she does the same for every client she has. I would and do recommend Kara to anyone I know!"

"The safety of my child appeared to be the most important item on the agenda throughout the case. He [Mr. Cook] remained very professional and tactful in the courtroom, never skipping a beat, and was always a step ahead of anyone else. Nothing came as a surprise. It appears that no one cares what is right or wrong any longer in a courtroom, but I will tell you his integrity is fully intact. If it can be won, he is the one to make it happen."

"I have known Kyle for several years. When I was looking into retaining an attorney, there was no doubt who I would seek to help me. What he accomplished for my daughter was something I never truly thought was possible. If you want compassion, blunt truth, and someone you can fully place your faith and trust in, this is the place to go for all your legal needs."

Mrs. Page is currently my attorney for my child custody case. I thank God for her everyday. I consider her my daughter’s guardian angel. She has gone above and beyond the normal representation to protect my daughter.
— past client